23th of January

Hi guys,

New year, new opportunities. This year I hope I will be able to expand my collection. I am going to focus on the Ajax football shirts and Southern American clubs (Brazil and Argentina). As I already got Ajax away shirts since 1989 I am now going to try to get all the home shirts. Next to the home shirts I hope to get some training gear: espicially sweaters and shirts.

Next week the 12/13 training sweater and shirt (both home version) will arrive. I’m trying to get the home and away kit before May, but I am not willing  to pay the price they ask at the moment (GBP 50 online). However, I consider buying one of them at the official Ajax fanshop. It is now 56 EUR including printing. Good price or not? And the next question: which player do I prefer to put on the shirt? I think it would be De Jong, Blind or Boerrigter. So there are many things to think about.

As said, next week I expect some Ajax training gear. Then I will make some pictures of the newest items, including Aston Villa 07/08 away and some more. Keep up the good work lads, with your collections, and please let me know something when you got some nice or interesting items for me.

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13th of January 2013: Photo Impression!

Jaarverslag 2012

WordPress heeft een kort jaarverslagje over mijn website gemaakt. Lekker makkelijk; kijk maar even mee zou ik zeggen 😉 leuke feitjes. Klik op de afbeelding om naar het jaarverslag te gaan

Allen een heel goed 2013 en hopelijk wordt het een goed verzameljaar!!

21 december 2012

Update time!

Two days ago I uploaded the latest additions to my collection. New items are Stoke City GK, Al-Wakrah, Anderlecht and WBA. Hope the world doesn’t perish today, that would mean I did it al for nothing…

Best wishes to y’all, enjoy your Christmas holidays and happy new year 🙂

16th of December, 2012

Dear all,

Today I changed some key things at this website. I was little sick of the red colored background and changed it to a fresh, new color. No need to explain which color it is I think! I also made some changes to the home page. When you type in my web adress you will be send straight to this page, where all the written updates can be seen. If you want to read my welcome text and some global information, please click ‘Home’ at the menu at the left of the page.

As I have been busy with my website this night I found out that I missed some comments; WordPress didn’t send me all the forms you have filled in. So, if you were wondering where the message went.. I don’t know but of course you are free to re-send it!

Let’s switch to the shirt-side of this story now. Still no picture update from my side, sorry sorry. I haven’t bought many shirts last months (studying is expensive, as drinking beer unfortunately). I am very content with my current collection and I only buy new shirts if they are really worth it, or when it is just such a bargain I cannot let it go.

As said the holidays are approaching so NOW I am going to make a commitment to myself and you. Before the 4th of January my website will be updated with pictures 🙂 

Damn, I have no clue if I am able to get this spontaneous commitment, we will see…. I will try hard!!


I want to wish every single one of you, any collector on the world, a very merry Christmas and a great, healthy and happy new year!

See you soon, take care and be careful with the firework,


6th of November 2012

Hi there,

Sorry that it took so long for this update. I haven’t been very active recently. Just some arrivals now and then, not yet worth updating my website.
As I’d study again I haven’t got a much time and money unfortunately.
I will make pictures from my latest additions as far as I have and put them on the web soon!

30th of July, 2012

Hi guys, just a short message. A friend-collector has got a new website. Check it out at
http://shirtverzamelingben.wordpress.com/ and leave your message to him!
Last week I bought some new Ajax shirts. Shouldn’t have done that, my collection is getting far too expensive now. There will be a shirt limit of 1 a week, otherwise I’m broke next month…
keep up the good work with your collection, good luck and relax in the sun!